fluffy flowers round

This blog is a plea for a daring Life.

It is about being born into a high-speed culture 
that encourages people to focus outwards.
It is about living in a society that commonly treats mind and body 
as separate entities that need to be tended to each on their own.
It is about (my silent, solitary, introvert) resistance and struggle 
to mindfully unite the former with the latter, against all odds.
Lastly, it is about summoning the courage, discipline, and dedication 
to go (perhaps quietly) against the stream of expectations 
we are confronted with a thousandfold on a daily basis - 
as a child, in your teens, in your twenties (really, at any age).

And so, as the things I am, this blog is a companion on my journey 
to find and establish a mindful life well-lived with a body and mind 
that are especially easily disturbed in their peace.