Call me Marvelline.

I am a Berlin-based 27-year-old writer. Yes, this tiny creature on the picture, marveling at the wonders of trees, is me.

The three things I am passionately writing about:

*I am never advocating dogmatic adherence to any nutritional lifestyles. I believe that our bodies generally tell us what they need and I try to respect the role of emotions in eating as well. I will never eat zero sugars, because sometimes a piece of chocolate is what makes the world okay. I am not paleo, I am not raw, I am not ketogenic or vegan or any otherwise trending diet. I simply try to balance my blood sugar levels in a way that is fun and does not make me hate food. With success — I am more in love with it than ever. Join me on the path!

Other than that I am a big fan of solitude and silence, but also of good company, old music, and deep conversations.

Please contact me if you have any questions or an idea for collaborations.