Kroton: My Rainbow Plant from the Age of Dinosaurs

plant rainbow

I have this strange plant. I bought it at the supermarket, wondering about how a store that small would have a thing this… weird. The plant had no name tag, no watering instructions, and wait a minute, now that I am thinking about it, did I buy a plant that was actually part of the store’s interior?

In any case, I have a friend who is doing a doctoral thesis in biology, so whenever I don’t know the name of a plant or even an animal, I send her a picture of it and five minutes later l I receive all the information I need — plus some excited squeaks and pieces of advice.

“It’s a Kroton!” The cellphone screen lights up. “Oh God oh God, it’s a Kroton! Also called a Wunderbusch (Miracle Shrub)!

And a miracle it is. Up to that point, I liked to call it my rainbow plant; because! It makes rainbows  leaves! But “Kroton” is even better. It sounds so… dinosaur-style. And that’s exactly the vibe it gives my bedroom now, a jurassic parky sort of in a land before times feel.

“Put it in the sun and it will become even more colorful. Ah, this is so exciting!! Where did you find it?”

“In the supermarket.”

Looking at it every evening I remember that time passes. The earth completes its journey around the sun time and time again. Thousands of times.

And yet what we have now is beautiful. It’s not perfect. But it’s there. The warm, dry apartment when outside it is raining cats and dogs. The rainbows engraved in our plants. The dark chocolate melting in our fingers and all the spaghetti we could ever want.