The Crystal Bubbles of Lemonade Joys

“What are you doing?” she asks, her hands lovingly rubbing the roundness of her belly in which, for the past eight months, she has been miraculously growing a tiny little person who surely is a more profound wonder than my lemonade.

“Taking pictures of my glass,” I state the obvious, the camera lens of my phone pressed against the bubbly joys of ginger orange flavored goodness. I must look like an idiot, but who cares. She grins.

There are the huge miracles in life. Babies, for instance. Or spring.

And then there are the small wonders of life. Yes, babies, again — at least size-wise. But also lemonade. Undeniably, lemonade.

Think about it! The clarity of pure, cold liquid and light and glass and reflections and racing bubbles shooting to the surface like penguins gasping for air. And the sound! No matter what age you are, I highly recommend listening to a glass of soda one day. If you consider yourself courageous enough, perhaps even in public. The cheerful sizzling and spluttering and crackling!

When do we lose our sense of wonder for the tiniest of marvels in which every child knows how to delight?

The good news is, it is not lost. We just have to rediscover it. Miracles aren’t far. They are everywhere. Especially in today’s glass of lemonade.