The Creepy Beauty of Sprouts

Sprouts are these amazing little worlds of miracles. In essence, they are simply seeds, like those of trees and flowers, but because we can grow them within days on our window sills of steamy kitchens, they make it possible for us to observe the mystery of life in a very short amount of time.

They only need water. Imagine! That’s all they need to become tiny little amazing plants. And what plants they are! Creepy! Beautiful! Soy bean sprouts, at one stage of their growth, kind of look like sleeping flamingos. And the other day, blessed be Pinterest, I learnt that you can actually sprout lentils, too. So of course I tried that, and after the little flat discs of what I thought of as food broke open to reveal their flaring orange insides, more colors shot out: amazing bright young green pushed forward. Suddenly I had this little orange green nutritious mini forest.

And then I ate it. Because! Sprouts! They are little nourishment bombs. Sprinkle them everywhere! On your bread! In your salad! Between the buns of your burger! But before you grow them in the first place, read up on the recommended hygiene protocol, although it’s really not that difficult. I rinse mine with fresh running water in the mornings and evenings. After each harvest, clean out the bowls thoroughly, with soap.

Eat, repeat. And enjoy the spookiness.




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