Confessions of an HSP: An Airy Workspace


The older I get, the more I hate clutter. I used to be ALL about clutter. PINK clutter on top of it. Ironically kitschy clutter. In fact, I had a collection of neon pink garden gnomes, fake lawn, and disco balls (I don’t know what was wrong with me) for which I actually cleared one entire shelf just so that I could display it in its full glory. Needless to say, every corner and every patch of my wall and every thinkable surface, including the tops of my cupboards, were — if possible — decorated with SOMEthing. Some THING.

As I discussed in “Confessions of an HSP: Decluttering,” I clutter no more. I don’t even know how it happened. Is it possible that people get more sensitive in their twenties already? Is there any HSPs out there who feel that, once they hit their middle to late twenties, they REALLY started being highly sensitive?

In any case, these days, unnecessary stuff that simply sits around shelves and walls and surfaces seriously clouds my mind and has a palpable impact on my overall mood. Yesterday then, in an irresistible vortex of unproductiveness and demotivation, I basically spent the afternoon staring at soothing, minimalistic home decor pinterest boards. It’s like balm for my eyes — and soul!

Wait a minute, I can pimperest!


And after about two hours of that, I finally realized — I could as well be living my own life. As in: why don’t I just get up and revolutionize my workspace instead of staring at a screen, wishing my explosion of a desk would look like one of these super soothing, ultra-clean, airy, wonderfully light work spaces on the virtual dream boards of other people?

So. I wish I had done a before-and-after photo shoot to inspire you guys out there in case you are experiencing similar issues (I keep forgetting this step!), but believe me: the place looked NOTHING like this. In fact, I just realized, practically zero thoughts have thus far gone into my work place in general. It is a mystery to me. Thus, the wall was left unlovingly blank for the sole reason that I never actually thought of putting anything there — but the general messiness of the table definitely made up for the lack of color on the wall. And useless stuff was just sort of piling up that I didn’t know what to do with (I finally trashed it).

This is the result of a mere 40 minutes feat of workspace cleansing, in which I finally ALSO — for instance — threw away that pen I got from my piano teacher around the age of nine (it hasn’t been working for at least a decade). It’s possible! Today! And how amazing this feels! So easy, so effective.

PS: Yes, you may have laughed at the ridiculous picture of misery, my hibiscus George III. He is currently recovering from a tantrum during which, for a reason I still don’t know, he threw off all his leaves. My light therapy lamp is helping him recover in these dark Berlin winter days.