Sunny Side Up Mindfully

a post on frying eggs with love

egg hovering_cornersFeel the morning cold of the kitchen floor radiating through your feet, put on fluffy slippers, cherish the soft cozy. Turn on the stove, rub your hands, shake off the weight of past dreams and sleep. Pick your favorite pan, witness the metallic sound it makes when you set it on the heated plate. Absorb the rising hotness when the palm of your hand hovers above the burning surface. A piece of butter slides into a pan like a penguin into icy waters.

Smell butter melting, watch butter bubbles forming, enjoy the sizzling song of breakfast. Feel the cool heaviness of a tattooed egg, have your world shaken by the crack of its breaking. Take in the landscape formed through hurt, note delicate veins. Then watch an egg’s strangely glossy transparency, like water. But really more like an egg. Dive into its warm, happy yellow. Observe the hues change, white appearing like ghosts.

Snow colorful spices; sprinkle velvet auburn paprika, black cracked pepper worlds, white grains of sea salt, emerald thyme. Marvel at the scents mingling in your nose, enjoy the warmth glowing on your cheeks. Watch, watch!

Need I even mention eating?

Turn up for the moment; when you wake up, when you shower, when you make your breakfast. Life is here, and life is good. Most of the time.


egg scape 1_corners


sunny side